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In the remote work era, it has become clear that all employees do not have to be in the office every day
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Illustration: office is mostly empty

Many companies consider moving to flexible desks aka hot-desking to save up money, especially due to COVID.

But turns out, it's not that simple:

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    People have different needs and preferences: displays, light conditions, dock stations, adjustable desks
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    Sometimes, employees cannot find a suitable desk, they have to return back home. This is very frustrating!
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    It is hard to find your colleagues, as they might take a different seat every time
On average, only 20% of the office space is used. The rest is idle and burning money
Illustration: DeskMe user experience

DeskMe booking app solves these problems

When an employee decides to go to the office, he opens the DeskMe booking app, and reserves a place in 1 click.

  • He can see where his colleagues sit, where the desk is located, what is the desk equipment
  • He can book the desk that suits him best, and ensure efficient office usage by choosing precise time
  • He can find colleagues, meeting rooms and desks through the DeskMe app search
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Illustration: happy employees in a smaller office

DeskMe charges €5 per place/month

Let's say, you have 20 employees and a 200 square meters office, and it costs you €7,000/month. With flexible desks, you can easily reduce the office in half and save €3,500. But, you might run into the hot-desking problems.

With DeskMe, you still save €3,450 per month and your employees are happy!

  • Meeting rooms

    Illustration: people arrive to a meeting rooms but someone else took it

    Let's say, you need to have a short call. Reserving a room through Outlook/Google Calendar is too slow. So, usually, you would simply jump into the nearest empty room and start the call.


    People who reserved the room, arrive a bit later. You have to pause the call and find another room. So very frustrating!

    Illustration: person uses a meeting room screen

    With DeskMe meeting room screens you can immediately see, if the room is reserved or not. If you finished sooner, you can end the meeting with a single touch.

    • You can reserve a room right from the screen, your reservation is synced up into Outlook / Google Calendar in real time!
    • With "Confirm" option enabled, reservation will be automatically cancelled if nobody came into the room within 15 minutes
    Illustration: interface parts - confirm functionality, map view, end this meeting button

    DeskMe charges €5 per meeting room/month

    The screens themselves are a one-time investment, and they're provided at cost level.

  • Features

    Take full advantage of your office!
    Map icon

    3D office maps

    Real-time office 3D maps allow you to easily navigate the location and find your desk even if you're there for the first time!

    Integrations icon


    Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar (online & onprem), Active Directory sync, log in with FB/Google/Microsoft, and many more.

    Reporting icon

    Reporting & analytics

    Time of day heatmaps, Calendar heatmaps, Office occupancy graphs, Excel exports, User groups statistics, and others.

    Coworking deals icon

    Coworking deals

    When your office is full, you can seamlessly scale it out with nearby coworking locations. Also can be used for partnership networks.

    Meeting room screen icon

    Meeting room screens

    Our 10.1" screens are powerful and fast, have LED frame, NFC scanner, PoE & WiFi support, and we provide them at a cost level.

    Info screen icon

    Info screens

    Info screens are up to 55" and are placed at the entrance of the office and allow to see who is in the office and easily book a desk.

    Search & filters icon

    Search & filters

    Users can find their colleagues, and also filter the desks by category, e.g. find desks with two displays or near the window.

    Permissions icon

    Advanced permissions

    You can group desks and meeting rooms and then set permissions to these groups so that only certain users can reserve/see bookings.

    DeskMe UI

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    Our Happy Customers

    DeskMe app is amazing! It has helped my work as an office manager as now I can easily see who's at the office and what is our usage % for the office. So it’s also a good tool to have data when planning new office spaces. 10 points goes to Vitaly, who has been beyond-helpful and always there when I needed assistance.
    I'm also proud that DeskMe is a Finnish company

    Jaana Meriläinen

    I would definitely recommend DeskMe. And one of the reasons is the very agile customer service, and the tailor made solutions. It has been very helpful!
    And it's also very easy to use!

    Katerina Salmi
    Crazy Town

    Spinverse has been using DeskMe for meeting room, desk and work area reservations since 2019, fully integrated with our Outlook for meeting room reservations.
    This has made the reservation easy and has improved the utilisation and availability of the meeting rooms a lot!

    Mikko J. Salminen

    DeskMe is an excellent service for people to use. They can see which places are reserved and when. They can use the space calendar, use the map of the facility, and if they're new to the space they can see, which room they are actually reserving...
    It's very agile and very easy to use.

    Valtteri Lahti
    Digi & Game Center